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Erasmus Romania 2023

On the first day of the program, we started our journey from Hungary, Balatonalmádi. We were traveling by car. We stopped two times to take a rest at Budapest and at the Romanian border. The team arrived in the evening.

On the initial day, the eight delegations got a chance to introduce themselves. This program was followed by team building games. In the afternoon we started working on the topic: “My future job”. At the last session of the day the countries’ teams gave an insight into the different work backgrounds they came from. The evening was finished with the Czech and Macedonian cultural evening.

The following day commenced with role-playing exercises on future planning, followed by collaborative work involving participants from various nations to map out the ideal environment. The evening's activities were hosted first by the Lithuanian group and later by the Turkish group.

On the third day we went on a field trip. First we visited the local fire station. Here we saw real firefighters training and moving with firetrucks. Some of us even got the chance to try to put out flames, with a fire extinguisher. Later, we were also admitted to the local police station. Finally, we visited the SEBRO factory, which manufacturers electrical systems for cars. Although unfortunately we couldn't take pictures here, it was a very good experience. At the end of the day the Hungarian team hosted the cultural night.

The Hungarian team hosted the cultural night, featuring an engaging quiz about our country, along with the tasting of famous Hungarian foods.

When we woke up the next day we started the morning with stretching and warm up exercises. First we went to the Resica youth center, where we had interesting discussions with people who are working for a charity. Throughout the day we explored the city of Resica which had plenty of interesting activities. Upon returning to our accommodation, we saw an interesting cultural night, hosted by the Spanish and Bulgarian team.

We truly had a unique experience. We all learned a lot about jobs and professions. We’ve got to know a lot about the cultural and economical differences and similarities among these eighth European countries.

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