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Európa vidéken - Europe in the countryside

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Project leader: Nevo Parudimos Association Partners: Stichting Jong Noord, Közhasznú Alapítvány Balatonalmádi Ifjúságáért, ODV Inclusion Go ETS Nr. of the project: 2021-2-RO01-KA210-YOU-000051439 Period: 01.03.2022 – 01.06.2023 Budget: 60,000 euros

The “Europe in the countryside” project is a cooperation between NGOs from Romania, Hungary, Italy and Netherlands which have the following objectives:

  • Expanding the knowledge of young people in rural areas in the countries involved about the European Union and active citizenship

  • Encouraging the involvement and active participation of young people from rural areas in local communities

  • Supporting new and less experienced organizations to gain experience in managing Erasmus + projects

  • Developing the knowledge and capacity of the organizations involved regarding the mobilization of young people in rural areas; Within the project we will organize:

  • 3 transnational meetings that will be organized every 4-5 months to follow the process of the project and its activities.

  • a 7-day seminar for youth workers, teachers, youth NGO representatives and youth experts to empower young people in local involvement, mobilization and education on EU-related topics

  • a series of 6 workshops in each partner country, in which 35 young people from local communities will be involved

  • an online meeting to evaluate and conclude the project, with the involvement of partner organizations

Following these activities we expect the following results:

  • A handbook to be developed following the seminar, which will be a guide to help youth NGOs and youth workers (internationally) in mobilizing and involving young people from local communities (mainly rural communities).

  • A video as a result of the workshops, in which the young people involved share their experience

  • 4 local campaigns, as a result of workshops on civic participation of young people in rural communities

At the end of the project we will have:

  • 4 organizations with experience in international project management;16 youth workers trained and skilled in the local involvement of young people;

  • stronger cooperation between international and local youth organizations;

All the activities and actions organized in this project are closely linked to our chosen priorities and are all built in a way that focuses on the involvement of young people, the participation of young people in their communities and their information on European Union issues.

This communication only reflects the point of view of the author. European Commission cannot be made responsible of the information provided.

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